On Site Massage + Stretching

Our Services Are 100% Mobile And Were Created With The Performing Artist In Mind

Physio Stretch Session

$95 | 30m

Need a quick tune up? This 30 minute full body stretch and deep breathing session will leave you energized and ready to take on your day! Your therapist will complete a full body stretch out or can focus on one particular area of concern. This is perfect for your active, on-the-go lifestyle!

Benefits of this session include:

  • Improved Ease of Movement
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Induces Stress Relief
  • Fast Results

*$100 After Hrs Fee 10:00pm - 8:00am 

Thai Sports Massage

$220 | 75m

Perform at the top of your game with this  75 minute session that combines the best of Thai and Sports massage to help you feel full of energy, relieve stiff joints, open your diaphragm and increase mental clarity.  We also pair essential oils to create an experience that's perfect for YOU! 

Benefits of this session include:

  • Improved Ease of Movement
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Relieves Pain & Stress
  • Immediate Results

*$100 After Hrs Fee 10:00pm - 8:00am  

Performance Enhancement

$325 | 90m

This 90 minute specialty technique goes deeper with a physiological assessment of your posture/problem areas. We create a personalized massage+stretch session that includes our signature hot towel massage and our powerful CBD pain relief cream to get you out of pain and back to doing more of what you love!

Benefits of this session include:

  • Improved Ease of Movement
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Repairs Muscle Damage
  • Progressive Results

*$100 After Hrs Fee 10:00pm - 8:00am 

Reiki - Chakra Balancing

$150 | 60m

A positive mindset is a huge part of wellness! If life getting too noisy or you feel out of whack energetically, then this energy-balancing Reiki session may be perfect for you!

Benefits of this session include:

  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Improved Productivity
  • Clears Negative Energy

*$100 After Hrs Fee 10:00pm - 8:00am

Back-to-Back Massage

$375 | 120m

Enjoy some much needed down-time with a friend or significant other, with this therapeutic treatment that includes two back-to-back 60 minute sessions that include steamed towel compress, essential oils and your desired style of massage. 

Benefits of this session include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Promotes Joy and Well-being

*$100 After Hrs Fee 10:30pm - 8:00am 

Therapist for the day

$1,200 | 6 hours

Are you hosting an event or do you need an entire day of therapeutic recovery? We have your back! You can now book one of our amazing therapists for the day! Your therapist will be on-site for up to 6 hours and provide up to 5 hours of hands-on service. 

*Multiple Therapists + Cabana + Seasonal Fruit set up can be booked via phone call 678-805-7535

Tour + Virtual Services

Perform with less pain & more passion than ever before

On-tour therapist Consultation


Ready to be PAIN-FREE on tour? Schedule a consultation to get a personalized quote for an On-Tour Therapist and Wellness Motivator that will take care of all of your nutrition and health needs while on the road!  


  • Ordering /Preparing Meals Based on Artist's Preferences
  • Morning Stretching to Increase Energy + Stamina
  • Meditation + Energy Work to Balance the Mind
  • Physiotherapy to Repair Muscles
  • Exercise Regimen to Build Strength

Virtual Self-massage & Stretching

$95 | 45m

Even if you don't have a therapist on tour with you, we can still help! Schedule a video call with one of our experts who will walk you through self massage techniques and stretches specific to the challenge you're facing. 

*$50 After Hrs Fee 10:00pm - 8:00am

Chakra balancing - virtual meditation

$95 | 45m

Need a mental break? We can help with that too!  Book a 1-on-1 meditation session with one of our energy specialists so you can momentarily let go of life's pressures, connect to your Source and move forward with your agenda! 

*$50 After Hrs Fee from 10:00pm - 8:00am

Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation

Transform Your Entire Life In Six Months With A Health & Wellness Motivator By Your Side

Integrative Wellness Consultation


As a performer, it's important to understand that it's all connected. If your health is out of balance in any area, then all of the other areas suffer as well.

When you're ready to make lasting changes to your wellness and performance level, your personal Wellness Motivator is here to guide and support you each step of the way! 

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